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The Virtual Hub

The Virtual Hub is our sandbox, to have fun exploring the recent advances in science and technology, by leveraging the power of the internet. is the premier open and free platform for computational research, education, and collaboration in nanotechnology, materials science, and related fields. Powered by a sophisticated cyberinfrastructure, nanoHUB lets you run over 320 simulation tools in a web browser. 

Audacious Project - Institute for Protein Design

The Institute for Protein Design at the University of Washington aims to accelerate the pace of discovery and dissemination of new protein technology. Their audacious project will focus on five Grand Challenges:

(1) universal vaccines for flu, HIV and cancer,

(2) advanced medications for chronic pain and neurodegenerative diseases,

(3) protein nano-containers to bring medicines to specific cells,

(4) smart protein therapeutics that can recognize cancerous or otherwise unhealthy cells, and

(5) next-generation nanoengineering for solar energy capture and storage.

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